Everyone wants to take its place : Sandrine on departure ? Her confidence on the end of his reign

This Friday 14 February, Sandrine celebrated its 100th victory in the world wants to take its place. A feat that does not prevent the champion 44-year-old to see come the end.

Nagui (French speacker) had a special event to celebrate in the Whole world wants to take his place this Friday 14 February. The champion Sandrine has reached the threshold of 100 victories since its first appearance in the show. A feat for which she won a car that she will not keep to it, but that it has chosen to offer to her younger sister, Dawn. This plateau for the surprise to its older sister, the young woman was also accompanied by all the family. An ultimate happiness for Sandrine, who, after spending so much time on the red armchair of the game of France 2, was in need of share the good news with his loved ones. Well installed in the program, Sandrine does not seem about to go. However, the French professor is already considering the end of his reign.

“This is a big fatigue “

Sandrine is assigned to the Tv Star after his 100th victory. A beautiful goal thatit intends to push even further now : “I hope to be able to reach the 124 victories of Jean-Michel. After that, me, it is really to the heart, it is toimprove, each time, my scores during the finals. When I do less than 20 a questionnaire, I’m not all that happy to me, ” she says. What about a possible defeat ?

Precisely, this idea does not frighten all, the mother of two children. Turn takes time and energy, constraints that do would not regret being defeated : “I would accept. This is a big fatigue to link these shoots, to make the trips to Paris, spend several days without my family, to the hotel ” she said to Tv Star. Wait-does it have to foreclose to leave the show ? Not sure : “If it had to be the case, I would not do it without giving a notice, in scenes, in production. I don’t want to be caught unprepared. I am sure that they have a host of candidates capable of taking my place but I don’t want it falling over, like that“. All hope for his fans that this is not planned for now…