EXCLUDED Séverine Ferrer blacklistée of DALS ? The facilitator reveals the excuse outrageous production


Séverine Ferrer is back on tv as soon as April 5, with a cooking show. The opportunity for the facilitator to go back on his desire to integrate the cast of Dancing with the stars. A project that is not near to reality as she revealed to Voici.fr.

The fans were hoping for more a return of Séverine Ferrer on tv. But surprise, surprise : as of 5 April next at noon, the facilitator resumes officially for the service on the chain My Kitchen with We have dinner at Séverine. A broadcast-friendly in the course of which the ex-presenter of a Fan deouvre the doors of his kitchen to prepare dinner for his friends famous, such as François-Xavier Demaison, Laurent Boyer, Princess Erika, or even Franck Leboeuf and Danièle Evenou. In addition to small confidences between friends, the mother of 42-year-old will also reveal their best recipes. A return with a bang for the former star of M6, who stayed away from tv shows or put the feet in as a guest.

If Séverine Ferrer has taken so long to resume the reins of a program, it is that she was waiting for a project that would ” vibrate “. The facilitator is regularly asked, but the question for it to return with bowed head. “I don’t want a show recurring in which I have to be there every week because I know I couldn’t do it, depending on my schedule for the theatre. If someone offers me a project that gives me the envy to have envy, I would do it whatever happens “, she revealed to Voici.fr. From there to participate in the next season of Dancing with the stars ? Out of the question for Séverine Ferrer. Despite his passion for the dance, the one that shines now on the boards has definitely made a cross on the contest for TF1.

“Not enough followers “

“I decided that either way, they can make me the offer, I would accept it more ! It is too late ! It’s been 5 years that I’m applying for ! (laughter) I have been dancing since the age of 4 years and there is not a day where you don’t tell me : “We would like to see you in Dancing with the stars”. Too bad, this is not for me ! “said Séverine Ferrer, who has never been able to pass the tests with the production. This last has given him a reason well surprising. “I was told that I didn’t have enough followers. This is not serious, so much the worse for them ! I had the best teachers in the place of Paris, between Bruno Vandelli, Amadeo, Redha ! And they did not want to take me. I will do Dancing with the stars on my show, We dined at Séverine ! (laughs) “, she continued, adding that ” most of the time, (it) does not even know who is in this show “.

“But it’s a shame, it is a program that I would have loved to do that because I’m a real challengeuse. And I have a true love of dance. At a time, we will not continue to seek non-stop “, she lamented. In the meantime, Séverine Ferrer prefers to focus on his passion for the kitchen.


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