Extra luxurious vacation for the Facchinettis, in Sardinia in a dream villa

The Facchinettis arrived in Sardinia. I have just started the holiday of Francesco Facchinetti and all the explosive family, now at home in Costa Smeralda, but this year, in another dream villa. It’s called Bougainvillea – in honor of this beautiful plant in the summer that surrounds it – and has a huge park, with swimming pool and private beach (and a Mehari green to move from one corner to the other). Not only that, there is also a great outdoor kitchen and an elegant veranda with a mega seating and sea view.

The manager of the show on Instagram, accompanied step-by-step from Mia, the daughter he had with Alessia Marcuzzi, on holiday with dad, his wife Wilma Faissol, and siblings Charlotte, Leo and Liv. “A paradise on earth,” said the ex-Dj Francis among his stories – Watch that show, is incredible. How much nature, I love it. Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places in the world”. And the view from there, as he’s wrong?

facchinetti villa 1-2

facchinetti villa 5-2

facchinetti villa 2-2

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