Ezio Greggio on the companion Romina Pierdomenico to know the latest?: “It is good, will surprise you”

Is going to be back on the small screen, one of the most beloved television, for years in the yard and never restored, this is the race jokes, the most famous of Italy: you Know the last? At the helm of the transmission comic, there will be Ezio Crude oil, the historical conductor of Striscia la Notizia, which is responsible for the first Friday night of Channel 5, starting from the 21st of June.

The revival of de The you know the last?

To join him in this new adventure will be the many faces of the entertainment world from Gianluca Fobelli to Biaggio Izzo, veterans, respectively, from the experience of Colorado and Made in the South, from Maurizio Battista at Nino Formicola. In short, Crude oil will certainly not be alone to handle the traffic of the various barzellettieri that come from all over the boot, but his side there will be a protagonist of exception: Romina Pierdomenico. For about a year now, the beautiful dancer of Colorado is the companion of Ezio Crude oil, but despite the 40 year age difference between the two, their relationship seems to be going swimmingly. The woman is already for a long time, that treadeth appearing on tv, having been one of the protagonists of Men and Women, where he participated as a suitor Amedeo Barbato, before joining in the team of the show’s comic Italy, One.

The statements of Ezio Greggio on Romina Pierdomenico

About the new role that Romina Piedomenico will cover in this revival de The you know the latest?, it speaks to Ezio Greggio, who during an interview with the weekly magazine Chi, is similar to talking about love and not lingering in the weave praise on the skill of his companion:

From the point of view of the television Romina is very good, it will be a nice surprise for the audience. His debut in Colorado liked it very much. To know the latest? I am sure that with his smile, his professionalism, and his presence unmistakable bring a breath of freshness. Is a new face. His laughter in the studio and his genuineness will be noticed.