Fabienne Carat candid on Plus belle la vie, DWTS & private plans: she spills it all!


Fabienne Carat: A Career of Success

In an exotic setting, the west coast of Reunion, its sublime lagoon and its generous sun, the 43-year-old actress traveled to the other end of the world for the shooting of Section de recherches for TF1 for a double event episode. The opportunity to meet the French star in a tropical environment for confidences in all simplicity and sincerity, accompanied by her greatest success, her adorable daughter Céleste, one and a half years old.

Plus Belle La Vie: A Life Choice

The actress, who will be back on July 3 in Camping Paradis, reviewed her career, thus addressing the series that made her famous, Plus Belle la vie, her adventure in Danse avec les stars or her next show. Her parents chose Fabienne as her first name, but for the public and for many years, she was presented as Samia Nassri, one of the inhabitants of a fictional district of Marseille, the Mistral. “Plus Belle la vie has been a great life choice, beyond what I could hope for,” says the heroine of the famous show, which she has been part of for 18 seasons since 2005. “At the beginning, it was for five weeks and it lasted fifteen and a half years!” A departure she wanted, to take back “her life as an actress with all that it entails, uncertainties, surprises”.

Never Give Up

A success that goes hand in hand with fame that can be disorienting but powerful, “but that’s part of the very nice sides of this job,” explains Fabienne Carat, very grateful to the public. She accepted “all the wrongs” that come with the job of an actress, “insecurity, being like a product since we are chosen or not”. Her creed is clear: “I love everything about this job!” She also emphasizes the kindness of the fans of the series that she was able to measure again during the shooting in Reunion of Section de recherches, when she crossed tourists delighted to see so many popular actors on their way. Now, with more than a decade of experience, does Fabienne Carat have any advice to give to aspiring actors? “In this job, there are no rules,” she believes, then specifying that there are both hard and magical moments to accept. “The only thing I could say is never to give up and to trust yourself”. However, she does not hide that if she could play the movie of her life again, she might have done more theater and cinema. Music is always around Fabienne Carat: “I have been singing since always. I was lucky, thanks to my father who organized parties, to have a special room at home, we had an incredible discography, I had microphones, speakers. So I had all the equipment to sing”.


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