Fabienne Thibeault (Starmania) achievement of glaucoma : the singer at risk of losing the view


Fabienne Thibeault, a former member of the musical Starmania, has proved to be achieved from glaucoma for which she is currently followed. But the treatment might not bear fruit.

Fabienne Thibeault, singer of Starmania, for which she has interpreted, among others, the title The world is Stone, has announced the bad news in The moment of Luxury and Non-Stop People unveiled a preview exclusive. In the Face of Jordan Luxury, the singer’s 67-year-old revealed to be reaching a glaucoma, ocular disorder for which it is currently being ” processed “. But as has been told by the health professionals, the treatments may not bring the expected results. Québec artist has played the transparency and affirmed that the situation could quickly get worse : “I predicted AMD [related macular degeneration age causes a progressive loss of vision, ed.]. I predicted possibly will not see. Not immediately. I still have a few years ahead of me. It is a family all this, ” she said to Jordan of Luxury.

“Still a few years ahead of me,”

It is in Quebec where she grew up that Fabienne Thibeault began his career as a singer. After winning the first prize in a singing contest, the wife of Christian Montagnac sign a contract and released his first album. It is thus that she will be spotted by Luc Plamondon, and thatshe joined the company of Starmania. This experience will come out of the titles have become must-haves, such as The world is Stone, One against The other, or A boy not like the others. And the disease is far from preventing it to continue its journey in the song. If she has not released new albums, it has, nevertheless, made to repeat his eleven opus last year, to the delight of his fans.


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