Fabio Fazio Fatherhood: Late Night Car Wait for Daughter. Fans: One of Us


Waiting for the Teenager to Come Out of a Party

Not only a TV presenter and face, Fabio Fazio is also something else. After leaving the Rai and closing the curtains on Che tempo che fa, waiting for the debut on Nove in the autumn, the presenter is dedicating himself to the family. And he has decided to share on social media some aspects of his private life. In the last video posted on Instagram, in fact, he shows himself in the car, at night, while waiting for his daughter to come out of a party. A situation experienced by many parents with teenage children. Who have immediately commented on the post: “Fazio one of us”.

Family Life of Fabio Fazio

In 1994 Fabio Fazio married Gioia Selis. From their love were born two children: Michele, born in 2004, and Caterina, arrived in 2009. It is precisely the youngest of the house who is the protagonist of the presenter’s last post, whose caption is “Certain nights …”.

The Situation of Waiting for the Teenager

“I’m waiting for the end-of-year party at school to pick up my daughter. I’m 35 minutes away but there’s not even anything to complain about because it’s all normal” he explains ironically, almost venting with his 209,000 followers. To whom he also tells the situation in front of him: “I must say it’s very funny because there are three other cars parked on the other side of the street, with two fathers and a mother in the car who are also waiting. And it’s obvious that we are all in the same situation: we can’t call, it’s forbidden because it gives the idea of ​​being anxious and it doesn’t look good. So we have to wait smiling. This is: nothing, no one comes out. Very good”. A hilarious video about a situation in which many followers have recognized themselves. Who have not lost time to comment: “Think about when she won’t come back all night and after sending a hundred wathsapp without having a shred of response and not even a blue check … you’ll start making horror films that Dario Argento moves” wrote a user. “You’ll always be late … until she gets her license and then it will be even worse” comments another. And again: “Welcome to the club. We have all been there: sometimes I even fell asleep waiting! You will remember these evenings with tenderness … think about when you will stay awake at home, because now the daughter will go out with the car … And you will have to pretend to sleep when she returns, otherwise you will seem anxious and fearful … ” There is also someone who jokes: “Respect for the shirt! I go in pajamas”.


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