Fabio Fognini: “I and Flavia are expecting a baby girl. I would never wish for my sons tennis career”

“We look forward to a girl!”. The tennis player Fabio Fognini talks for the first time to ‘very True’ of the second pregnancy of his wife Flavia Pennetta. The name of the child declares: “we have Not yet decided on the name but definitely starts with F, like all of us in the family. It is an obligation, if not my dad will get angry. We hope that everything goes well, this is the most important thing.” Silvia, University, Fabio also explains the output from the top 10 of the ATP rankings: “I was disappointed, I pulled the bat on the feet alone. It was all down to my get and demerit my hang out. I was wrong some of the major tournaments that I shouldn’t go wrong. However, now, in the top 10, there is Matteo Berrettini and in the top 100 there are many italians: this is a beautiful thing.”

Fognini is all about the tennis but does not wish a future as a tennis player, to his son Frederick: “you Must do what he wants, the sport you want to, but in tennis you are suffering too because it is very emotional. Then, you’re always alone. There is the staff, there is the coach, but the fact you are alone and away from friends and family. It is a wonderful sport and very difficult and you have to make a lot of sacrifices. Decide him, but I dad the racket from the hand to him I would like to remove”.

The sample of liguria, in addition to the victories, he is also famous for his character fumantino, cross and delight of his career: “Over the years, this thing has penalized me a lot, but has also led me to achieve results that no one would have ever expected. Every so often I lose the brackets but outside the field are very quiet. I don’t know – he adds – what I to happen in those moments. I feel anger, I feel a fire inside, and for a few seconds, I think more and I completely lose the head. Are things that you should do.”

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