Fabio Rovazzi: Story of My Berlusconi Meeting


Fabio Rovazzi’s Emotional Tribute

Influencer, singer and YouTuber Fabio Rovazzi also wanted to remember in his own way the passing of Silvio Berlusconi, at 86 years old. He did it his own way, with a very long post for his million followers on Instagram to relive the meeting he had never talked about before. Today he feels peaceful and free to do it, posting a photo of the two of them together. Not the classic selfie or the official image of the ritual, but an informal shot: the Cavaliere is lying in a bathrobe on a swimming pool bed while Fabio Rovazzi is fully dressed, with the inevitable cap and looking at him, standing. Who knows what they said to each other, but this is the memory of the influencer: “I have always been in doubt whether to say it or not, because you know: politics is a minefield, from which I have always kept very far away. But today there is a story that I want to share with you: a few years ago, for a series of unpredictable coincidences, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a day with Silvio Berlusconi. It is an anecdote that I have always kept secret, but it is the one with the capital A. It was an unforgettable day: we chatted about life and entrepreneurship. He told me his most incredible and unimaginable anecdotes and he also offered me an ice cream. Yes, an ice cream, served by him from behind the counter with a lot of gag where he made me the receipt with written “served and offered by Silvio Berlusconi”. Regardless of the ideas that each of us can have, it is undeniable that he is an extraordinary mind, a genius of communication and a piece of Italian history. I will always be honored by that day, which I will carry in my heart forever.

Silvio Berlusconi’s Legacy

Sincere condolences to Pier Silvio, to his entire family and his collaborators. Good journey Silvio”. The condolences of the influencer are accompanied by the emoticon of a dove, but they did not want to be pompous. Apart from some grammar mistakes, the post oozes incredulity and a pinch of pride. How not to feel it? For better or worse, Silvio Berlusconi has written a page of Italian political history and his approaches to guests have always remained unforgettable.

Fabio Rovazzi’s Ongoing Success

Meanwhile, on June 9th, the video of his summer hit La discoteca italiana, with Orietta Berti, was released, a song that will make you dance all season. At almost 29 years old he has achieved a giant success starting from his Milanese videos, collecting hits, from Andiamo a comandare to Tutto molto interessante. And who knows what he will offer us after the gags with Will Smith and Vin Diesel.


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