Fabri Fibra’s father dead: RIP Dad of Fabri Fibra and Nesli.


Life & Death of Ivaldo Tarducci

Hello Dad… have a good trip. Few, very few words, and a sepia-colored photo: this is how rapper Nesli – brother of Fabri Fibra – announced on Instagram the death of his father, Ivaldo Tarducci, owner of a historic clothing store in Senigallia. The man, who had complicated relationships with the two star rap Italian brothers, passed away at the age of 96: it was Francesco Tarducci – Nesli’s real name – who told of the family difficulties, and said that perhaps they would be reconciled on the day of the “closure of accounts”, at his funeral. And, judging from the moving post, Nesli kept his word.

Family Difficulties

No comment, for the moment, comes from Fabri Fibra, who seems to have been away from his brother and the rest of his family for some time. The resentment between the two rappers – as Nesli told years ago – seems to have distant roots, linked to the beginnings of the career of both, with Nesli feeling like an eternal second while Fibra flies in the charts, widening the gap and distancing the idea of a musical career together. What seems to have sparked the rift between Fibra and his father – who today is remembered as a historical pillar of the Senigallia trade, the man who dressed an entire generation of citizens – was the divorce, which took place when the rapper was quite young. But not only that: the bond with his mother (and with the entire family, probably) has often been the subject of verses full of resentment in the album Fenomeno, in which Fibra rapped: “My mother has suffocated me since I was born, she would like me dead after what I became. For her it is difficult to accept that I am now big, I was beaten until the blood came out”, and added: “My mother ruined my life, my mother. And it never ended with my mother”.

Reconciliation Difficulties

It is difficult to imagine a reconciliation in such a complex and obviously painful situation, even after a loss.


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