Fabrizio Moro: “A month without my children. The lockdown? Single: I fall in love, but complico the life of the couple”

“This quarantine has given me and taken away at the same time. On an emotional level, the human and I have made a big step forward because before I thought that freedom was formed by big things, I always thought it was connected to have power: economic, media. Freedom, instead, is this new meaning that I don’t take no more”. And this is the budget track by Fabrizio Moro, 45 years, at the end of the quarantine related to the emergency coronavirus.

Fabrizio moro without children for a month

The cantautre tells of having spent some time away from the children-Anita and Free, had from the ex-girlfriend Jade, with which he broke two years ago. They were the ones to miss him more. “The two of them. And the music. Hand in hand. Without music I would not be able to be happy and I would be a parent frustrated. When the outbreak of the pandemic, he explained, ” I was still around. I have been more than twenty days in car insulation, closed inside the house. I have reviewed my child after a month, my mother after two. I missed the friends. I have a relationship that is very passionate with the people that attend. To not be able to see it was tough”.

Fabrizio Moro-boyfriend?

“A month – he stressed again – is not long. But if you don’t know how long it will last makes you feel as if you were hostage, you don’t know if you will be released. This moment of belonging to myself has made me reflect on many things and they helped me. So when you come private of the small things that are a part of your everyday life, you are to reflect on what really matters”. The considerations that belong to all citizens, locked in the house from the 9th of march and finally to grips with Phase 2.

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Lockdown in solitary for Moro? Apparently, yes. Back from the break with the former partner, the roman artist has not formalized any relationship: “I have had the opportunity, I am single. My problem is that I fall in love, but share the couple’s life is very complicated for those who stands beside me. Especially since going forward with the years I’m getting a break…lioni. It is difficult, I understand”.