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Family betrayal: Caroline Margeridon’s heartbreaking story of her former family life.

Caroline Margeridon’s Ordeal with Her Children’s Father

On July 14th, 2023, Caroline Margeridon opened up to the journalists of TV Grandes Chaînes about the romantic relationship she had with the father of her children, Alexandre and Victoire, Gérald Mossé. It was a story that truly broke her heart, as the man she shared her life with was unfaithful. This came as a huge shock to the antique dealer, who was overwhelmed when she learned of his multiple betrayals, as she had considered him to be the man of her life. A prince charming who had in reality done her a lot of harm. “I realized that their father was cheating on me when Victoire was 9 months old”, she confided. With her heart in pieces, she decided to leave and start a new life. It was impossible for her to forgive and act as if nothing had happened. “I left at 4am and I never saw him again”, she remembered.

Caroline Margeridon’s Choice to Keep Her Dignity

Caroline Margeridon chose to keep her dignity, even if it meant sleeping in an empty apartment without furniture. “I had bought an empty apartment under renovation in Paris, I slept on the floor. There is a statute of limitations, but I cried for two years”, she revealed. As a fulfilled mother, she decided to remain discreet about her love life since this ordeal, in order to protect both her children and her own private life.

Caroline Margeridon’s Wise Choice

“I have always been with very well-known men. The father of my children is one of the best jockeys in the world. Then, I was with a very famous lawyer for sixteen years”, she confided, before continuing: “My current partner, I wanted him not to be too well-known. He is, but only in his home country of Switzerland. I can walk with him without anyone knowing that it is him. And that’s how it will stay!” A very wise choice from the woman who recently welcomed Julia Vignali with open arms, as the replacement for Sophie Davant in the show Affaire Conclue. As a reminder, the partner of William Leymergie will be in charge of a new show, Sophie & Les Copains, from August 28th, Monday to Friday from 4pm to 6pm on Europe 1.



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