Family time: Less Instagram, more time with family – Fedez’s new summer.


Fedez’s Social Media Break

For someone like Fedez, who is used to posting different daily moments of his life, it must be a strange feeling to take a break and decide to put the narration of himself on hold for a while, choosing to keep what is beautiful and ugly only in a circle of close friends. In particular, Fedez has always made Instagram a kind of open personal diary to the public, full of his jokes, his antics, the behind the scenes of his projects, but also his outbursts against politicians and ex-friends of the moment. It goes without saying that Instagram, much more than interviews in newspapers, has become over time the best way to get to know not only the artist, but also the man, precisely because of the total absence of communication strategies in the use of his account.

The Reasons for Fedez’s Break

Where Chiara Ferragni’s content seems to be part of a well-defined project, Fedez’s seem to be essentially linked to the gut of its owner, unable to keep a joy or a grudge to himself. For some time now, however, Fedez has decided to loosen his presence on social media, raising more than a few doubts. In an interview with Alessandro Cattelan, he said that when he and Chiara take a break from social media, it is probably because they have quarreled, but this is certainly not the case: it is very likely that Fedez has decided to post fewer Stories simply for the pleasure of doing so. The rapper, after all, comes from some demanding months. Both for the launch of the second season of The Ferragnez on Prime Video, which we will see the juiciest episode of in September, that of Sanremo, and for the mammoth organization of the LoveMi concert staged in Piazza Duomo in Milan in the presence of hundreds of thousands of fans. Moreover, what should not be underestimated, the continuous frictions with the now former friend Luis Sal and the future of the Muschio Selvaggio podcast, blighted precisely by the quarrel between the two founders and a certain slice of the public convinced that the project without Sal is no longer the same as before. In short, Fedez’s summer has been anything but restful so far, and it is more than normal that he wants to dampen that dependence that leads him to share any moment of his life to enjoy a deserved rest and, we add, a much-sighed privacy.

The Benefits of Taking a Break

We know that he spends a lot of time with his children Leone and Vittoria, but also that, like Chiara Ferragni, he is supervising the work on their new apartment, which, if everything goes as planned, will be ready in October. In the meantime, less social and more family, with the hope that this will help him regain the balance he admitted he wanted to achieve during one of the last sessions with his therapist filmed by the cameras of Prime Video.


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