Family : Yves Pignot (James) tells the story of the shooting in charge of the series after the containment

Back on M6 from Monday, June 29, In the family was – like many of the other series – impacted by the health crisis. The season had not been fully oriented at the time of containment, it was necessary that all the world resumes a more sustained pace.

Yves Pignot



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After Scenes of households, the spot family ! The series is back from Monday 29 June to brighten up the evenings of M6 with a salvo of episodes. The opportunity to find the characters that the audience enjoy so much, but also discover new : for this ninth season, the production has appealed to actors sometimes already known to the general public. This is so that the viewers can take particular delight in the comic talents of Armelle, who had done so much laughing at the audience of Camera Café. If the new episodes of family arrived just in time for the summer, it is in part thanks to the determination of his team, which has had to face as well other to the health crisis. Because, as has entrusted Yves Pignot, the interpreter of Jacques The Kervelec, to TV Mag, all of the episodes in season 9 had not been recorded when the government has declared the containment !

Busy days for the team As a family

As a result, it was necessary to set my overdrive to make up for lost time. “We have taken the 25 of may at a faster pace. We turn from 8 to 19 hours, and put it in a box more minutes useful per day, ” said Yves Pignot to TV Mag. And this in conditions that are unprecedented for the actors, and the technicians : “The staging is done in such a way as to keep a distance between the characters. We touch more, we kiss more, we will tighten the hand, but it still works. There are a lot of lyrics to memorize, but we will not complain about it. We are very privileged to be able to continue to run. “Yves Pignot rejoices all the more to have been able to get back In the family, because his other projects are stopped. “I had to play at the Théâtre Antoine in le Nozze di Figaro with Bérénice Bejo, Guillaume de Tonquédec, but it has been postponed. I also have another project, a piece great of Benoît Moret – which embodies Sebastian in the family – we would like to mount this year, but everything is outstanding. “The actor, 74-year-old, who was” eager to get back on the boards “, can at least play the comedy on M6 in the meantime.