Famous TV: Belén Esteban, Ana Rosa Quintana, Rocío Carrasco – How Much Do They Earn?


The best paid presenters and collaborators in television

It is nothing new that television pays millionaire salaries, but do you know who are the highest paid presenters and collaborators? A few weeks ago it was revealed that the comedian Eva Soriano was the best paid at TVE last year, earning a total of 11,000 euros for each program ‘La noche D’ that she hosted. While the public channel has the obligation that anyone can consult its accounts (and thanks to that we have been able to know, for example, how much is paid in ‘MasterChef’ or which actor bills the most in ‘Cuéntame’), the private channels are more reluctant to say how much they pay their workers … but there are always leaks.

The highest paid television presenters in Spain

And in our country there are two presenters who hold the title of best paid in television. Entertaining every week, from Monday to Thursday in the access prime time, to audiences of all ages, brings Pablo Motos about four million euros a year, which amounts to about 25,000 euros per program, according to the Business Insider portal. Pablo Motos, in the studio of ‘El Hormiguero’. The Valencian is, to date, the Midas king of television in Spain. But very close to him is Ana Rosa Quintana, whose salary is between three and four million. And that only as presenter of ‘El programa de AR’, since the journalist is a partner of the production company Unicorn Content, which has numerous spaces in Mediaset (‘Ya es mediodía’, ‘Fiesta’ or ‘Cuatro al día’, among others) and that, as reported by El Economista, in the 2020/2021 season billed more than 30 million euros. Ana Rosa Quintana and Jorge Javier, in ‘El programa de AR’. The third place is occupied by a triple tie of presenters who earn similar: each year they earn about three million euros Jesús Vázquez, Matías Prats (who bills almost 8,000 for news) and Jorge Javier Vázquez. Gossip says that the latter has an uncertain future in the communication group, rumors that have grown even more after his recent medical leave.

Atresmedia’s star presenters

There is no doubt that Fernando Ónega’s daughter has entered Atresmedia strongly, where she is already, along with Susanna Griso, one of the “queens of the chain”. Susanna Griso and Sonsoles Ónega, the star presenters of Atresmedia. Both earn between two and three million euros a year, but more striking is the case of Sonsoles: the newspaper Periodista Digital revealed that in her departure from Mediaset the economic factor had a lot to do, since the former presenter of ‘Ya es mediodía’ had only a contract as a news reporter, with a salary of a little more than 2,500 euros per month. “Mediaset, far from meeting the demands of one of its star presenters, rejected improving her contract, which led Ónega to listen to the offer of the competition and definitively bet on it,” explained the aforementioned medium.


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