Fedez brillo causes Chiara Ferragni, who asks him: “What have I in exchange?”, him: “f**”

Among the familiar faces of the show that most have done their utmost to entertain their fans using social networks, there are, without a doubt, Fedez e Chiara Ferragni, who have given their support to tackle the emergency Covid-19. The couple, who already before the pandemic was in the habit of sharing moments of his daily life, has enabled people to enter in their life and in their home through the direct, increasingly often, they are delighted to make in the course of the day, especially in the evening. In the direct of Thursday, April 9 with Luis Sal, now solid shoulder of the singer, Fedez gave the show alluding to his sexual performance with his wife and finishing the scene in a way that is anything but genteel, but rather hilarious.

Fedez admits to being drunk

The scene that has sparked the comments of the web is initiated following an admission made by the same rapper, that between a bar and the other with the youtuber said to have drunk at the dinner of wine, to this, we have the amazing joy: “I’m a little drunk guys. As I drank, two half glasses of wine. However, I do not drink for a month and a half and it’s not that I can be eaten”. A assist real to Fedez friend Luis Sal could not miss the opportunity to joke about his condition, and made his debut, saying: “Tonight you soaked your wife.” Fedez has welcomed with enthusiasm the prospect, not as much as Chiara Ferragni, who seemed displeased by the idea.

Provocations spicy between Fedez and Chiara Ferragni

At this point, thanks to the surplus of wine, the rapper has started to harass his wife because you scusasse and explain in front of everyone to be pleased with her life under the sheets: “come on, love, don’t make that face. Ferragni there are 70,000 people, you can’t complain too much about this ok? That is, but you realise that he was trying to make a controversy about this also in front of 71,000 people? Now you say that you are fully satisfied of this thing. Tell that you’re glad of this thing, by”. The Ferragni seems to not want to give up and asks her husband: “I what have I in exchange?” and him to answer all, though, lowering the voice said: “The cock”. The influencer, however, did not welcome the turn from this nice controversy that has made immediately around the web, with comments and jokes about what happened.