Fedez Luis Sal: Lite, Videos & Social Reality of Summer


The Falling Out Between Fedez and Luis Sal

Fedez and Luis Sal have certainly had a falling out. We don’t know who is in the right or wrong, but something has happened between them and since they started publicly airing their grievances about 24 hours ago, it has become the “case of the summer”.

The History of the Podcast

The two, once friends, created the podcast Muschio Selvaggio together, one of the most followed on the web, but for the past couple of months, only Fedez has been hosting the show. Now, after many requests for clarification from fans, the rapper was the first to speak. Fedez recounted a fight that took place after Sanremo: “There was a work-related argument, in which I pointed out to Luis how, in my opinion, I had to take on everything. An animated discussion that led us to say, ‘let’s take a few weeks to figure out what to do’. At the end of this week, Luis sent me a message saying that ‘the format currently has a connotation that is more of Federico than of Luis. I want to dedicate myself to other projects, I don’t want to do the podcast anymore’. From there, Luis disappeared.

The Accusations Fly

However, the YouTuber wanted to give another version of the story, making another video. In the clip he explains that, over time, the rapper had started to move towards a show that only centered on himself. From there, the fight and the desire not to be part of it anymore to which Fedez reacted like this: “I found myself defending myself from Federico’s lawyer, which is still going on. I was proposed: ‘Come and do an episode where you apologize for your absence with a text agreed upon. I’ll pay you (with the obligation of confidentiality) and I’ll buy your 50%'”. Luis refused, and Fedez asked him for damages. So here we are at the last episode: the rapper replied with a new video in which he admits his character flaws but accuses his former friend of disappearing, suddenly stopping paying the salaries of the collaborators and the expenses of the company: “I’m not born yesterday, you want to take advantage of the pressure that would have come from the comments, to ask for astronomical sums and use me as if I were an ATM”. At the moment we have arrived here, but the matter is far from closed. There will probably be more accusations and more videos. “It’s the reality of the summer”, reads on the web. All that remains is to wait for the next “episode”.


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