Fedez Scotti feud: “Stop insulting me”


The Attacks on Fedez

There have been attacks on Fedez. Not only has Luis Sal, who after leaving the Muschio Selvaggio podcast, attacked the rapper with a social video in which he accused him, among other things, of always putting his character at the center of everything, now criticisms have come from two other well-known faces.

The Criticism of Daniele Silvestri

One is Daniele Silvestri, former veejay of Mtv, who via Twitter has labeled the recently organized charity concert by Fedez in Milan, “Love Mi”, as a “triumph of autotune”, defining all those who attended the event in Piazza Duomo as “disadvantaged without culture”. Words to which the husband of Chiara Ferragni has not (at least so far) replied.

The Alleged “Feud” with Gerry Scotti

Different is the case of the alleged “feud” with Gerry Scotti that has inflamed the web in the last hours. The historic Mediaset presenter published a short video on his TikTok channel in which, showing himself next to a small tree, he says ironically: “It’s ugly to say, but this is what remains of the “wild moss”. We try to water it every day, but it’s going away “. Accompanying the film was an equally ironic caption: “Don’t tell mom (and especially don’t tell the lawyer)”. Words that refer to the attacks that Fedez and Luis Sal have exchanged with each other on social media. In this case, the rapper’s response has arrived punctually. Via Instagram, naturally. With a video in which the rapper does nothing to hide his anger: “Dear friend Gerry Scotti, since you came to Muschio Selvaggio you keep insulting me, I don’t know why,” says Fedez. “He came here, we had a beautiful episode. I dared to say that I did not know who Strehler was, from there he did an interview calling me ignorant. By the way, that day google searches for Strehler went up … I gave a contribution.”

Gerry Scotti’s Response

When asked by TvBlog about the “feud”, Scotti then poured water on the fire: “Yes, of course, I saw the video, even though I had other things to do. I talked to Fedez last night and wanted to reassure the whole world in fibrillation for this alleged quarrel with Fedez: it does not exist. I am a great admirer of him as an artist and singer, great admirer of Fedez as an entrepreneur and protagonist of the web and I am sincerely sorry because the Muschio Selvaggio formula is one of the most successful in circulation. I can’t wait for him to call me, he will do it between one concert and the other and I will go. There was no quarrel with him. ” And never mind if Fedez has no idea at all that Strehler was a great director: “Every generation,” concedes the kindly conductor, “has its forms of ignorance. We must refer to one of the highest mottos of Greek culture: one thing I know, not to know. Let’s not be surprised by the ignorance of one, there may be a much greater ignorance in another or in another. “


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