Fedez Tattoo for Vittoria: Controversy Unveiled


Fedez’s New Tattoo Dedicated to His Daughter Vittoria

Fedez has got a new tattoo, taking advantage of a free space on his left thigh to imprint on his skin a portrait of his daughter Vittoria, who recently turned two. “Find someone who looks at you with the same love with which my daughter looks at me… and then tattoo it,” the rapper wrote on Instagram, publishing a photo of the finished work and one of the original, which inspired the tattoo artist Gabriele Anakin. The result is definitely realistic, but it did not win the hearts of all Fedez’s followers. In fact, many of them did not catch the irony behind the choice: Vittoria is portrayed pouting, almost on the verge of crying. The child, who is never stingy with smiles, often gives her father very perplexed expressions, and it is on this that Fedez wanted to focus to carry an indelible memory of his daughter’s childhood with him. “Friends, don’t be mean. I wanted it like this, then the picture is weird, the tattoo is beautiful, it’s Vitto,” the rapper later specified in his Instagram Stories, “It does not reflect the beauty of Vittoria, it is true, but it reflects her soul”.

Previous Tattoos Dedicated to His Children

Just a few months ago, in January, Fedez made another tattoo dedicated to Vittoria and her older brother Leone, a phoenix on his back. “The Arabian phoenix holds the needle of stitches in its claws and is reborn from the ashes generated by the fire lit by my children. For the strength you have given me in this new chapter of my life. Leone and Vittoria,” Fedez wrote at the time, remembering the difficult period of diagnosis and surgery to remove a cancer in his pancreas. For Leone, in 2019, the rapper also dedicated another tattoo, representing him as a small smiling Cupid with blond curls ready to shoot an arrow. For “Vitto”, on the other hand, a somewhat more naughty expression. That’s the real one, according to her dad.

The Real Expression of Vittoria

The result of Fedez’s tattoo is a reflection of Vittoria’s soul. It is a reminder of the real expression of Vittoria, according to her dad.


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