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Ferragnez Crisis: Fedez’s Home Life in 3rd Episode

Every romance has its troubles. This is the topic of the third episode of The Ferragnez 2, available on Prime Video. It starts with a simple question, the one that is usually asked in therapy: how are you? Fedez answers: “We had a few arguments, I left home once, we made up right away. We also experienced moments of individual and couple difficulty”. The word “crisis” changes the direction of the episode. “I asked you not to mention it, since it puts me in a difficult position,” Chiara Ferragni says to Fedez when he returns to the session. “But who wanted to bring it up?” responds Fedez. “I explained to you how I wanted to tell it, I asked you to try, and your answer was ‘I told you not to say certain words’, but who are you? I’m very aggressive in my tone, I answer aggression with aggression, you have a damn tone”. An understandable discussion, considering the pressure to which the couple is constantly subjected, particularly since Sanremo. It is easy to understand why it is complex for Chiara to utter the word “crisis” publicly. “It bothers me,” Fedez continues with tears in his eyes. “It’s the worst fight we’ve had in the last week, we are not in a crisis, we have never been so united”. The Ferragnez Crisis is a story that has been talked about for a while, and this episode offers a glimpse of the couple’s relationship. Other stories from the same source that may be interesting: – Fedez and the disease inside The Ferragnez 2 – The Ferragnez 2 deny crisis: “We have never been so united” – The Ferragnez 2: the touching story of Fedez’s cancer, the Met Gala, the lasagna and a plot twist.



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