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Ferragosto Tenderness: Massimiliano & Elena’s Love

Maximilian Caiazzo and Elena D’Amario: A Tender Romantic Escape

Maximilian Caiazzo and Elena D’Amario have been together for some time, but it rarely happened that the two of them decided to share glimpses of their intimacy on their own initiative. On the day of Ferragosto, it was Caiazzo himself who posted a story with his girlfriend: a simple black and white shot that immortalizes them close together, on their way to an agriturismo in Castelnuovo di Farfa, in Lazio. “On the road,” is the lapidary comment of Maximilian Caiazzo.

Celebrating the Napoli Scudetto

In June, the two allowed themselves a tender romantic escape to Capri. Picked up by the weekly Chi, the two were immortalized in the historic Piazzetta, with no social outing on the program but with several moments of tenderness to keep them company. Between boat rides, hugs and effusions, the two, despite never officially coming out in the open, except for brief posts like the one posted by Maximilian, are definitely the couple of the summer, happy and close after an intense year, especially for Caiazzo.

Maximilian Caiazzo and His Successful Year

After the success of the third season of Mare Fuori, the 26-year-old actor is ready to land on Disney+ in the series Uonderbois alongside Serena Rossi, although not before having received the Silver Ribbon as best young actor for his role in the film Piano Piano. “This period is made up of an explosion of satisfactions both from a serial and a cinematic point of view, but I stay with my feet on the ground and my head on the work,” said Maximilian Caiazzo to TAG24, also explaining that it is rather difficult to find moments of intimacy. However, wanting is power, and the fact that Caiazzo and D’Amario have managed, among other things, to celebrate the Napoli scudetto and to be together after the recordings of Amici di Maria De Filippi is proof of that.



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