Fidel Albiac’s Role in Every Rocío Jurado Tribute Concert


Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac’s Trust in Anabel Dueñas

Rocío Carrasco has put her whole heart into the creation of Rocío Jurado, the musical, starring Anabel Dueñas. On the 17th anniversary of the death of Rocío Jurado, Rocío and her husband, Fidel Albiac, attended the performance of the work in Pamplona, and were pleasantly surprised when Anabel Dueñas dedicated them some beautiful words. Through Instagram, the singer has shared several photos and videos with her lawyer, who is the director and producer of the work, and whom she calls “boss” for that same reason. But, in addition, Fidel is one of her greatest supports inside and outside the stages.

Rocío and Fidel’s Support for Anabel

Rocío and Fidel have been depositing their trust in Anabel for years for the musicals related to ‘the greatest’. During the concert, Rocío said, “I would like to thank first of all the person who has made me grow, as an artist he has endured me at the piano and guitar. He has brought out the best in me, although sometimes it has cost him to bring out the worst of me, and he has been there, fighting for me to continue being what I am now and growing. And that person is my Fidel Albiac.”

Anabel’s Gratitude for Rocío and Fidel

The singer also had some nice words for her friend. “I want to thank you for the generosity you have had with me. Just as I have felt it in you, you have always done it with me, so that I can be on this stage despite everything they have said. Thanks for making me part of your family, for teaching me how great your mother was, that I already knew because I was a fan, but thanks to you I have known so many things that I did not know … I want to thank you in this way,” she said to her.


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