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Fiorello Susanna: Interrupted Romance, Sex & Cat Dorian

The quotation from the cover of Vanity Fair

During the daily broadcast of Viva Rai2! Fiorello read a part of the “very long” interview he gave to Vanity Fair and which sees him on the cover. In particular, during the news review of the program, he quoted the final passage, which concerns a detail of his sexual life. In response to the question of how sex was going with his wife Susanna, whom he will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary with on June 14th, he replied: “Do you mean what I’m thinking? Yes, we make love, we love each other. Of course it’s not like it used to be. And do you know why? Because there is no time, and the children are around, and the cats… ” We could still understand up to the children, but citing the cats surprised us, so we asked him to explain the anecdote.

The secret of the longevity of the couple

Cats? “Yes, once while I was having sex I found Dorian, the cat, in the middle who made me “shhh!”, and I “but damn… “, it’s true! Then there is also the dog, Lao. But he didn’t show up.” In today’s episode of Viva Rai2! Fiorello cited this part of the interview and explained better what had happened, concluding with a joke that Dorian, the cat at home, was perhaps enrolled in “OnlyUoms”, to make fun of OnlyFans. This is what he told, in the video.

The “I’ll take care of it” are worth more than a thousand “I love you”

The secret of the longevity of the couple is to work together with his wife “if we are not close we are in video call”. Then the presenter added to send a “kiss” photo every morning to Susanna, and that romance does not need big gestures. “The flashy thing means that you prepare it, that you organize it and then you do it, instead the things of every day count. For example, now I’m giving my wife cortisone injections. Done with love. I get there, and then zacchete! “Did you feel anything?”, And she answers: “No, but how good you are at giving injections!” She had a very painful hernia removed. The “I’ll take care of it” are worth more than a thousand “I love you”, in short, as Michela Murgia says: “I’ll take care of it. She couldn’t move, she was in bed, I brought her dinner, things she also did for me when I had a destroyed knee. We had known each other for a short time and I had to stay still for six months because of torn ligaments: it was tough. This is love, isn’t it? Being together in joy and in pain. “



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