First the sun: how to tan safely

If, on the one hand, we are waiting to find out how we will spend the summer, and the ways in which we can go to the sea or in the mountains in complete safety, on the other, the hot days are exploding in all their radiance.

Without a doubt, after months of isolation between the walls of the home a nice bath of sun – like stars have started to make a bit – is the first ingredient to start to give a boost of energy to our mood, to the bones and the skin. Always, ça va sans dire, with the proper precautions. First the sun, especially after so many days locked in the house, in fact, encourages the desire to spend hours and hours outdoors to reach a complexion more golden, and remove the pallor, but also the strong risk of incurring sunburn.

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Although you associate the application of the filter of solar protection, only the exposure on the beach, in reality it is far from the first days of sunbathing on the balcony or in the garden of your own home, at a park, or strolling in the city and you need to make use of it. Worth, the acceleration of the aging of the skin, occurrence of spots and marks.

To protect themselves, in fact, does not mean not to tan. On the contrary. “The protections most high allow you to tan, providing a tan more slowly, but certainly, the most lasting”, says Monica Candelli, Training & Beauty Manager of the group in the pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic Pierre Fabre. To her we asked for some advice for a perfect tan at home in safety.

“If on the one hand, the exposure to sunlight helps our body produce vitamin D, improves mood and gives a beautiful complexion, on the other hand, exposure to long-or without proper protection can cause damage to our skin, including sunburn. To avoid them you need to use sun protection more suitable to the place in which we find ourselves, at the own skin type and take care not to expose yourself during the hottest hours, usually between the 11,00 and 16,00″.

“Contrary to what you might think, and the protections and higher allow you to tan, providing a tan “slower”, but certainly more long-lasting, and moving away at the same time, the risk of sunburn”.

“To apply the filter in the city has become one step essential beauty routine. Thanks to the presence of anti-oxidant substances and pigments that even out the complexion and offer a “bonne mine” in addition to proper protection. Even the sun in the city the bomb!”

A hydrating mask to the entire face and gauze soaked in thermal water on the most delicate areas will help the skin to regain the right comfort. The serum and moisturizer will complete the beauty routine. If you moisturize the skin is an important step throughout the year, during the warm months becomes crucial.”