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Flavio Briatore: Son’s job with me? Start as waiter

Flavio Briatore’s Views on Work

Flavio Briatore has stated that his son, Nathan Falco Briatore, will not be given any privileges. In an interview with the Corriere della Sera, the businessman spoke of his son’s future professional career, born thirteen years ago from his love with Elisabetta Gregoraci. The boy must accept that if he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps in the family business, he will have to start from the bottom. “Regardless of his social position, if my son comes to work for me after high school, he will start as a waiter, not as a boss. After 6 or 7 years, if he is successful, he may become the boss,” said the entrepreneur. These words clearly indicate the career path of the Gregoraci’s firstborn.

Flavio Briatore’s Views on the State

This follows perfectly with Flavio Briatore’s often expressed views on the world of work. “The first question I am asked by many young people during interviews is if they can have the weekend off,” he said to the Corriere. He then clarified: “I don’t even consider these people, I don’t want to see them anymore.” For him, the desire to work and take risks, and the willingness to learn must surpass the desire to command. Furthermore, Flavio Briatore has also focused on the role of the state towards family businesses. “If a family business works, the children can think of continuing the work of their father,” he said. Otherwise, Briatore points out, young people are forced to consider other paths, perhaps that of university. But university, in fact, is for 80 percent of people a platform of the unemployed.

Flavio Briatore Introducing His Son to the World of Work

His statements are often criticized. And it seems that this does not exclude his son Nathan Falco. Perhaps this is why the father has already begun to introduce his son to the world of work: after being appointed CEO of the company Billionaire Bears Nft, thirteen year old Nathan debuted in the fashion world by signing a capsule collection with his father for the brand Suns Boards.



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