Florence Foresti contained, and in full cracked : it reveals a hilarious video


After ten days of confinement, Florence Foresti can’t take it anymore. This Wednesday, march 25, the comedian unveiled a video on his account Instagram of her cracking. And the least we can say is that viewers are won over !

Houston, we have a problem. It would seem that Florence Foresti is full cracked. It must be said that the beginning of the year 2020 has been particularly eventful for the humorist. And, in particular, because of the after Caesar 2020, which was of unheard-of violence. It is in a very particular context, as Florence Foresti has had the difficult task of being the mistress of ceremony. In question ? The controversy surrounding the twelve nominations of the film I accuse Polanski, himself accused of rape. In the Face of the controversy, Florence Foresti has not done very well. Until the drop of water in the face of the vase overflow. Has the awarding of the César for the Best director to Roman Polanski, Florence Foresti has left the ship, refusing to get back on stage to close the ceremony. A behavior praised by some but spoken by many. Many personalities are mounted to the niche to attack it violently. Since then, the mother of Toni was out of his silence on two occasions : in front of his public on stage, and on his account Instagram to respond to the slander of Cyril Hanouna.

The cracking of Florence Foresti

But now, with containment, it has definitely lost Florence Foresti. The time is long. Each one therefore tries to deal with as it can. To amuse the French. Give them advice even. But after ten days of confinement, the comedian is already at the end. For proof, a hilarious video that she shared on her behalf Instagram this Wednesday, march 25. The users can discover Albert, his famous dog. This last stands on the coffee table in the living room of his mistress. Worse still, this bulldog takes now… for a cat. “Now, I move like a feline on all the furniture of the house,” he says to her ” mom “. Moreover, there was no question of obeying Florence Foresti, as long as it doesn’t call its new name : “big cat “.

A video that has provoked the hilarity of its subscribers, like Angela, Daphne Bürki, Leïla Bekhti, or Reem Kherici, which is completely ” fan of Albert the schizoaffective “. Just like many other people elsewhere. “You are great “, ” nugget “, ” A video a day should be mandatory at this time !!! “, ” I love it ! I die of laughter ! “, ” Thank you Florence for getting to make us laugh even during this difficult period “, is excited about the people who come back for more. No doubt, Florence Foresti deserves the award for best video of containment.

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