Florent Pagny, all smiles with ex-football star. Singer reassured.


Florent Pagny’s Fight Against Cancer

Florent Pagny was smiling this Wednesday, June 7th at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. The one who has been fighting for several months against lung cancer came to support Zinedine Zidane (also surrounded by Sandrine Quétier, Michaël Gregorio, Tony Estanguet and Mentissa), the godfather of the ELA (European Association against Leukodystrophies) association, which launched the 30th campaign “Put on your sneakers and beat the disease”. A campaign that aims to raise awareness among students about solidarity, disability and respect for difference. It also allows these students to get involved in favour of a cause: to act to support children affected by leukodystrophies.

Florent Pagny’s Illness

A subject that obviously seems to touch Florent Pagny a lot, who is not affected by leukodystrophies, which, to recall, form a group of genetic diseases affecting the “white matter” of the brain, but knows what it means to fight against the disease. He has been suffering from lung cancer since January 2022. He had then been forced to put his career on hold, including his participation in The Voice as a coach, to devote himself to his recovery, which included chemotherapy sessions that changed him physically. During his convalescence in Patagonia, with his wife Azucena and his children Inca (born in 1996) and Aël (born in 1999), he had decided to stop his treatment, causing his cancer to return. The famous interpreter of Savoir aimer had then had to start from scratch, with new chemotherapy sessions. He had been more serious this time, which allowed him to give reassuring news about his health to the journalists of Télématin on May 25th. He had however been lucid, estimating that his fight against the disease was far from over: “It will last a long time”.

Florent Pagny’s Resilience

The singer is hanging on, and continues to get back on his feet, little by little. He can count on his wife and children to continue to keep hope, in the hope of defeating his cancer.


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