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Florent Pagny: Daily Life Upset by Daughter Aël – “Not Doing It to Please Him”

An Incredible Impact on the Artist’s Life

Becoming a father changed his life on many levels. In a relationship with Argentine artist Azucena Caamaño since 1993, married to her for 17 years, the singer indeed had a son and then a daughter, Inca in 1996 and Ael in 1999. Even today, when these two have become adults, they have an incredible impact on the artist’s life. They have supported him, from the beginning, in his battle against cancer.

A 180-Degree Turn in Terms of Nutrition

The youngest of the clan also made him take a 180-degree turn in terms of nutrition. A vegetarian, Ael simply convinced Florent Pagny to stop eating meat. Or at least to gradually stop doing so. The artist even sold the cattle farm he was running in South America. “I’m not doing this to please him, but because she’s right,” he explains in the columns of a newspaper. All this has an impact on nature and I’m trying to correct the shot on my scale.”

Passing On Nice Values to Their Children

Florent Pagny and Azucena Caamaño have passed on nice values to their children. They have also given them a certain taste for art… since everyone does it in the family. Inca does mechanics but also street art. As for Ael, she is a photographer. Watching them grow up, their father has always advised them to have fun, while realizing that they enjoy a certain privilege. “It has to be used for something,” he recalls. My kids travel in comfort and I remind them that it wasn’t like that before. I’m not a child of the wealthy. My parents are still here, they can testify. You should not hide, not show off either and think you have arrived. Florent Pagny is the son of Jean, a sticker seller and Odile, a secretary. He was raised with three brothers and sisters.



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