Floriana Seconds reveals: “I had a history with Teo Mammucari”

The revelation unknown to most people (Barbara d’urso including) arrived during the episode of ‘Sunday Live’ on 17 November 2019: Floriana Seconds would have had a history with Teo Mammucari. To declare it was the same as the winner of Big Brother 3 during the Sunday programme on Channel 5 in which he participated to give his version of the facts about his contentious relationship with the man who claims to be his ex-boyfriend Daniele Pompili.

And it was just discussing the subject of his sentimental life that Floriana claimed to have had in the past, a flirt with the conductor Mediaset, with the declaration that he left the astonished Barbara d’urso ready to ask for confirmation of what they have heard. “You had a liaison with Teo?”, he asked puzzled at her guest: “Sure, why not? He also said to him many years ago. I am not ashamed to say that I do,” he assured Floriana. No comment on the gossip that called dancing in live tv by Teo Mammucari. At least for the time being…

Floriana Seconds, has spoken evil of Barbara d’urso, she replies: “I fly high”

The presence of Floriana Seconds to Sunday Live was also the occasion for Barbara d’urso to ask for an explanation with respect to messages that are invited to Daniele Pompili in which he spoke ill of her. “I fly high”, said the presenter that it is called regardless of the matter on which Floriana claimed to be upset because in the lounges, in spite of the fact that it has won one of the Big Brother, was not invited as often as the other characters.

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