Fragrances: fragrances for the summer of 2020 to take on holiday

The certainties of mid-August: the fragrances are travel (sensory) safe and without the limits of the target. Remind us clearly also the bouquet female for this spring-summer: some carry to exotic destinations, other routes to the most intimate, the other still touching the places super aromatic gardens or unique. For those who are accustomed to experiment with different scents during the course of the same day may take the risk to do the tour of the world. Not bad, especially these days.

The question is also another.

How to orient yourself in the choice of a scent-proof high temperature? Many of them, without fail, opt for the Eau de Toilette of the same scent that they use during the winter: “When you speak of EdT is mainly about concentration, a lower concentration of fragrance may make the final effect more light. An impact less strong is certainly suitable for the summer season, when due to the high temperatures the fragrance could almost be annoying,” says Maurizio Cerizza, Master Perfumer at CFF SpA.

Then a scent less concentrated is synonymous with fragrance for the summer?
“No, the concentration of a fragrance is not related to seasonality, but the success of the project olfactory, after numerous tests we will choose the suitable concentration to bring out the ingredients in the formula. So not always a high concentration is the equivalent of a fragrance is better.”

Who in the summer chose to change genre/fragrance family, what can you do?
“In the summer we prefer notes of citrus floral and floral-transparent, to give a charge sparkling and tonic. Usually during the warm seasons we will not use notes, the opulent and oriental, but, as we know, the scent is a choice very personal, inspired by the moment.”

While those who opt for the Waters of the Colony, what you are looking for?
“The waters of the colony are based on simple chords, with notes of citrus and floral. To be able to dress in the daily life of fragrances, carefree little challenging. A nice effect, but not intrusive, suitable for all those who do not want to renounce to a scent even in the summer.”

Not to be confused with the Eau Fraiche, right?
“Yes, in this case we speak of fragrances energizing, to read, featuring notes of marine, iodate, with a transparent effect. The yield will be less persistent because it is less concentrated, very suitable to the day when the high temperatures don’t inspire the fragrances more intense. Choose Eau fraiche and the Waters of the colony when you do not feel the need for fragrances, the protagonists are incisive, they leave a signature, but a lovely accompaniment to our days of holiday”.