Fran Rivera Wedding: Eugenia Martínez de Irujo Remembers 25th Anniversary


Eugenia Martinez de Irujo’s Wedding

Eugenia Martinez de Irujo has revived, 25 years later, one of the most transcendental moments of her life: her wedding with Fran Rivera. The daughter of the Duchess of Alba has shared on her social networks the images of her union to talk about the wedding dress she wore on that special day. Wedding dresses are usually one of the main topics when organizing or remembering wedding ceremonies. Undoubtedly, Eugenia, that day, felt very excited with the suit she wore, and she is still so proud of it! As we can see in the images, for the occasion, Eugenia chose a satin, lace and square neckline design from the Emanuel Ungaro firm.

The Tiara of the Duchess of Alba

The tiara is the same one worn by her mother. Eugenia Martinez very smiling while they finish arranging her for her big day. Eugenia has also shared this image of her mother, the Duchess of Alba, to show the tiara that both wore.

Emanuel Ungaro’s Inspiration

Carlos Sánchez Medina, specialist in Editorial Design, fashion and clothing, says that it was the bride herself who proposed to Emanuel the inspiration of a medieval dress for such an occasion. The fashion specialist makes a parallel with Tamara Falcó’s wedding dress, saying that “Eugenia’s taste for medieval style has been seen again recently at Tamara Falcó’s wedding, where she chose a beautiful dress by Teresa Helbig. In this case the look was even more romantic thanks to the braid, the neck cross, the golden bracelet and the application of eagles that almost took us directly to an epic character”.


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