Francesca Cipriani: “I’m celibate for a year. I refused a proposal of marriage”


Francesca Cipriani has spoken about without the filters of his love life. Guest of One Day by Sheep, on Rai Radio1, the showgirl and star of ‘the Pupa and the Geek’, it is left to go to confessions of love, without forgetting some anecdote boiling.

Francesca revealed that recently you have been asked to get married: he asked Me one of my ex-boyfriend“. He had left her or was taken-to the contrary? “Let’s just say that we had together, but perhaps I left it a little longer I”. She, therefore, refused him. “You. I am looking for a real person, whom I can trust, while lately I’ve met a lot of people false. I demand respect and I was treated the wrong way by someone in recent times, but with me, they got it wrong”.

A woman as beautiful and sexy as she is, however, not only remains some cleaning of suitors. “Yes, but none suited me. I thought that one of these you could save, but then I discovered that he has a double life”. As it is noticed? “Why lock or unlock the stories of WhatsApp, makes me see a life, and instead he has another, he shows me what he wants”. The view is clear of relationships, including those that are more fleeting. “Maybe a few kisses I gave, but I do not do sex more than a year, don’t even remember the last time I did it,” concluded the Cipriani in A Day by Sheep.


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