Francesca De André and Gennaro Lillio: “After the end of the GF16 have spent a mad night of love”

The ‘Big Brother 2019‘ has come to an end crowning the winner Martina Nasoni. One of the competitors most discussions of the sixteenth edition of the reality show, however, was Francesca De André. The gieffina discussed with Mila Suarez, Taylor, Mega, Gianmarco Onestini, Giorgio Tambellini, to name a few, but he also lived a flirt that could be expected to continue.

The flirt with Gennaro Lillio

Gennaro Lillio admitted candidamene that when Francesca De André came in the house the people thought was unbearable. “I also wanted to name it”: he added. Then, however, one of them is clicked. The betrayal of George Tambellini, boyfriend of gieffina, has facilitated the understanding between the two. After a heated lite, in fact, Gennaro and Francesca have decided to live their knowledge in the light of the sun, exchanging kisses of fire in front of their companions.

The first night together away from the cameras

Once it was in the studio during the final of ‘Big Brother 2019’, Francesca De André has admitted that she was a bit aggressive during his stay in the house. For her it’s a defense mechanism: “For me it was not easy vivermi all the mess that I fell upon, I would not have expected to experience so much pain. I react like a dog that is beaten up and bites the first one that is up front, in reality inside I feel a great pain that manifest with aggression, but they are not a bad person. Of the many things I am ashamed, but if there is one thing that I can say firmly is that when I look in the mirror I can say to myself that I was true.” But what happened between her and Gennaro Lillio when the spotlights are switched off? The revealed Fabrizia De Andre in a message sent to ‘LaBimbadiFrancesca’, a page in the Instagram created to support the nephew of Faber. In the message reads: “we Were all here yesterday evening, spent the night crazy love“. The flirting between Gennaro Lillio and Francesca De André, therefore, it would seem destined to continue.