Francesca De André: “Gennaro Lillio? I feel engaged, no proposal from Temptation Island Vip”

Francesca De André gave an interview to ‘Not happen again’, a program conducted by Giada Di Miceli on the Radio. The former contestant of ‘Big Brother 2019‘, has declared that the relationship with Gennaro Lillio continues swimmingly. However, at the moment he prefers not to give a label to what they are experiencing: “If we are engaged? It’s a good question. We do not like to give a name to the type of relationship that we have.”

The relationship is going smooth

In the meantime, however, things between them are going well. The two are trying to get to know each other better, also revealing facets of character that in the course of the experience in the house of ‘Big Brother’ not have come out. For the moment everything would be working out for the better:

“We know each other very well because we are living, but in reality we do not know all those facets that relate to our real life. Let’s say that we’re getting to know, even under those points of view which the condition of isolation of the Big Brother is not made it possible to show. For the moment, it’s all good, however I would prefer to avoid to give a definition to our relationship. It is quite obvious that goes on. The knowledge continues on the outside”.

The opportunity to participate in ‘Temptation Island Vip’

Although reticent to define itself as a ‘girlfriend’ Francesca De André has assured to feel involved. Has nothing to complain about: “I feel committed. God forbid. There are so many different sides, but also a lot of the same between us. We will be compensated. However, everything is progressing swimmingly, nothing to complain about or to be afraid of for now. We are giving time”. Finally, when asked if he will attend the ‘Temptation Island Vip’ with Gennaro Lillio replied: “I’ll Leave the suspense. I was offered nothing for now”. He preferred, therefore, to avoid overreach.