Francesca De André: “I pulled out the worst of me at the GF but they are not bad, I’ve suffered a lot”

In good and in evil, Francesca De André has been the great protagonist of this edition of the Big Brother, always at the centre of the story (from the distrust endured by the Christian father to the betrayal of George Tambellini, until the new history with Gennaro Lillio), but also criticatissima for his attitude fumantino, often referred to aggressive. Perhaps the best comment in this regard was that of Iva Zanicchi in the final: “Francesca has been the soul of Big Brother, if there had been she would have been boring”. And just in the last episode, the young man has done for the first time the fine, admitting to have “pulled out of the worst” of himself inside the House.

Peace between De André and Malgioglio

His input in the studio after the elimination, Francesca was greeted by the words of Cristiano Malgioglio, with which it has clashed several times: “Would you have been able to win the Big Brother, if I had not been so aggressive would have been perfect. Because thou hast made the Big Brother. You should moderate your language. I don’t want to argue with a girl, it would be stupid on my part. When the other time I spoke of your grandfather, I came spontaneously. I didn’t want to offend you and your family, but I’m sorry because you threw out of the m… on Dori Ghezzi and I am the defence. I’m sorry Dori I have called to thank me. The GF is seen by millions of people, particularly young girls, and it is not a good example”. This time, Francesca was diplomatic: clashes with the lyricist, with whom he has signed the peace.

You are right, I agree. I’ve definitely pulled out the worst of me in this experience. That said, I have never found myself experiencing so many of the lodges under the eyes of all of them without being able to directly manage how they are used to doing.

Barbara D Urso defends Francesca

At that point, intervened, Barbara D’urso, who defended De André justifying his behaviour in the House (including threats and several outbursts, starting arguments with Mila Suarez, the last of which in the study of the GF in the evening of the final). “If the father, instead of warn, would have sent a signal of détente vis-à-vis the child, and perhaps Francesca would have been less aggressive”, were the words of the presenter that has made reference to the complaint of Cristiano De André. Francesca is really empowered by his difficult past, as she says, closing the discussion on his conduct?

For me it has not been easy vivermi all the mess that I fell upon, I would not have expected to experience so much pain. I react like a dog that is beaten up and bites the first one that is up front, in reality inside I feel a great pain that manifest with aggression, but they are not a bad person. Of the many things I am ashamed, but if there is one thing that I can say firmly is that when I look in the mirror I can say to myself that I was true. This is a reality show and I was real.