Francesca Ferragni’s Bachelorette: Singing, Dancing & Sisterly Love in Mykonos


The Celebrations Begin

This is not just any weekend for Francesca Ferragni. The sister of Chiara and Valentina is celebrating her bachelorette party in Mykonos. In September, she will marry her partner Riccardo Nicoletti at the Castello di Rivalta in Gazzola. The celebrations have already started with a grand bachelorette party with dreamy clothes, singing and dancing. All in a dreamlike setting between sunsets and the Greek sea.

The Bride and Her Sister Bridesmaids

To celebrate the future bride, there was firstly her sister Chiara Ferragni who, after leaving her professional commitments, flew to Mykonos to attend Francesca’s bachelorette party. The youngest of the sisters, Valentina, was also present. Many friends joined them and they had a lot of fun with karaoke, dancing, drinks and dinners together. Everything in a dreamlike setting between sunsets and the Greek sea. And, of course, it was all shared on social media. The looks chosen for the bachelorette party were also remarkable. The bride started the weekend with a very sexy white bikini and continued with an elegant silk dress with a slit and backless. Chiara Ferragni, on the other hand, opted for a very sexy golden outfit with cut outs. Valentina chose a baby blue mini dress. The obligatory photo of the future bride with the sister bridesmaids was taken.

The Big Day is Coming

This is the last step before the big day, September 9th. Francesca Ferragni has shared every detail of the wedding on social media: from the choice of the dress to the invitations. Now all that remains is to wait for the day of the “yes”.


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