Francesca Vaccaro is the wife of Carlo Conti: you and the conductor have a son, Matthew


He speaks little of his private life, Carlo Conti: one of the conductors most beloved and prolific of Italian television is also a quiet husband and father of a family, married since 2012 with Francesca Vaccaro. He and his wife have a son, Matthew, born in 2014. The presenter has found serenity in the family and the joy of fatherhood after the past “casanova” (remember the past relationship with Roberta Morise). “The advantages of a wedding is postponed? So many adventures! Of course, before the wedding, and assumes that after you have to respect the loyalty,” featured the Accounts in the autumn of 2019.

Who is Francesca Vaccaro, wife of Carlo Conti

Class of 1972 (14 years less than her husband), Francesca Vaccaro is a former costume designer for Rai, then become a stylist. She is the Accounts you are known behind-the-scenes On Sunday, where is shoots the lightning stroke. In the past of the couple, a breakup and a period of separation, before marriage. She was the one to leave him, but he was able to get it back by following the advice of Antonella Clerici: They were married on June 16, 2012. The wedding was celebrated in the Parish church of Sant’andrea a Cercina, on the hills around Florence, in front of many vip guests such as Leonardo Pieraccioni (who was a witness of the groom), Antonella Clerici and Marco Masini. “Every day that passes we are more and more in love, more accomplices, more united, more of US,” wrote Vaccaro in a post on Instagram to celebrate the seventh anniversary of marriage.

The birth of their son, Matthew

A year after the wedding, Carlo Conti e Francesca Vaccaro were already waiting for a son. The little Matthew was born on 8 feb 2014. “Matthew is the wonderful fruit of love. Matthew is called so because it means gift of God and is a gift of God,” had declared the Accounts to Sunday. The strong bond between Accounts with colleagues, Antonella Clerici, Fabrizio Frizzi has intensified thanks to the fact that all three have become parents in the age somewhat advanced, around 50 years.


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