Francesco Totti & Noemi Bocchi at Foro Italico for Tennis & Padel


r proof of the strong bond between them.

Darkly attired, both of them kept their gaze fixed on the field and then exchanged a complicit look and a faint smile. Once more, their attention was directed towards the red rectangle. Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi were snapped by the cameras at the Rome Internationals. The ex-captain had his girlfriend and son Cristian by his side at the renowned tennis tournament, where the number one Carlos Alcaraz was surprisingly beaten by Fabian Marozsan. Moreover, Pupone also took part in a fun padel match against the Italian champion Jannik Sinner. Jokingly, Totti said to the audience gathered in the shade of the central court to witness the inaugural performance of the BNL Italy Major Premier Padel: “If you see a shoulder, it’s mine. Now I’m getting out.” It is no secret that Francesco Totti and his sweetheart are ardent fans of this sport. Recently, they were spotted on the sidelines of the Olympic Stadium for the first leg of the Europa League semi-final between Roma and the Germans of Bayer Leverkusen, which the José Mourinho’s men won 1-0. During the outing, the couple showed great harmony: a far cry from the time when gossip circulated on the web but they still did not appear together. In the last appearances, there was no trace of Chanel, Totti’s second daughter and Ilary Blasi, who celebrated her 16th birthday in a stylish hotel on Lake Lugano at the weekend. Francesco Totti paid a tender social tribute to her, posting a photograph of a few years ago in which he and his daughter are embracing, looking happier than ever. The girl promptly reposted the image on her page, another sign of the strong bond between them.


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