François Berléand reveals on controversial actor, “violent” words.


François Berléand’s Collaboration with Niels Arestrup

If it was in the third season of The Agency, after soliciting the Kretz real estate agent family, that François Berléand recently made a name for himself, it is of course on stage that we are more used to seeing the 71-year-old actor emerge. And in 88 à l’infini, a play by the wife of Niels Arestrup, the dramatist, writer and actress Isabelle Le Nouvel, François Berléand gives a reply to the so controversial actor. Questioned by Christophe Dechavanne about the Franco-Danish actor, for his podcast Dechavanne cherche copains, he made some heavy revelations about their collaboration not always easy, due to the many solitary and mute aspects of Niels Arestrup.

Heavy Revelations About Collaboration

“It goes as it should go with Niels Arestrup, begins François Berléand. Niels is someone who is very mute, he doesn’t speak, he doesn’t take the plane, he doesn’t take the train, he doesn’t dine afterwards, he doesn’t dine before, so we see each other on stage, we say hello, goodbye, and that’s it …” The actor who also gave a reply to Jason Statham in The Transporter, continues: “Anyway, he doesn’t talk. So I talk but then I don’t talk because I don’t have an interlocutor.”

Niels Arestrup: Unpleasant or Admirable?

Christophe Dechavanne, who can be found in Quelle Époque! alongside Léa Salamé, then asks his guest if Niels Arestrup is therefore unpleasant. “It was unpleasant at one point,” he says. Because we had the role to find, which were two half-brothers who couldn’t stand each other so it was, at least in Paris, a year and a half ago, we were looking for each other, we found each other brutally.” Regarding this episode, he nevertheless specifies that they did not come to blows. “There were some pretty violent words, because we had to find the characters and so we were not at all friends, but the tour made that… well, we didn’t become the best friends in the world but we talk to each other, we each have our own room, we’re not always in the same hotel. The tour ends, he’s not my best friend but he’s someone I admire a lot, he’s a great actor,” he concluded on Niels Arestrup.


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