Frank Cuesta & Yuyee: 2 Years After Prison Life Update


The Unjust Prison Sentence

Yesterday, on ‘El Hormiguero’, Frank Cuesta and Pablo Motos discussed numerous topics, and the presenter didn’t want to say goodbye to his guest without asking about Yuyee, his ex-wife, who in the past was in prison. Despite no longer being together, Frank and Yuyee have a wonderful relationship: they are great friends and raise their four children together: Zape, Zorro, Zen and Pepsi. Now, the Thai’s visits to Spain are frequent (she comes to visit her son Zape, who lives here and plays in a football team, every few months), but for a while the former herpetologist didn’t enjoy freedom: in June 2014 she entered prison for carrying 5mg of cocaine, and in November 2020, she finally could leave and reunite with her family.

Adapting to the Post-Prison Life

Undoubtedly, it was a time that left her deeply marked, and about which Cuesta has had no qualms about talking to Pablo Motos. Completely sheltered in her children and family, Yuyee has rebuilt her life after her time in prison, although, according to Frank, “she has recovered psychologically, but at the same time she has a lot of defects”. The former presenter of ‘Frank de la jungla’ explained that the mother of his children “has a lot of fears: every time she takes a plane, goes to an airport, sees a policeman… That always stays”. However, he believes that “she has adapted very well, especially for the children”.

An Emotional Message of Gratitude

In fact, Yuyee herself wanted to send a video message to the program, thanking the affection received for what she has called her “unjust prison sentence”. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did,” says the model, moved.


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