Fred Bongusto love for Gabriella Palazzoli and for Blyth, the daughter who has grown up as was his

On the night of 8 November 2019 has come to miss one of the great names of the Italian song: Fred Bongusto. At the age of 84 years, the singer is off at a hospital in Rome, after a long illness, as reported in the announcement released by the press office of the artist. The long of the singer’s career has been marked by numerous successes and significant collaborations, but has always been rather reluctant to divulge anecdotes about his private life.

The singer of love

Fred Bongusto, the registry registered as Alfredo Antonio Carlo Buongusto, debuted in 1960 with the song” Beautiful, Beautiful, that was not the success hoped for, achieved, instead, with the song Doce Doce, that on the false-line of Frank Sinatra carries on the music of the era, the tone of the intimate and confidential, using multiple times in his repertoire of the neapolitan language.

The marriage with Gabriella Palazzoli

Fred Bongusto was par excellence the singer of love, in the Sixties, and his songs have made you fall in love with so many pairs born in those years and so it happened also to him and his Gabriella Palazzoli. In 1967, the artist married the Palazzoli company known as Gaby, well-known and appreciated soubrette between the Fifties and the Sixties who starred in the theatre with actors of the calibre of Macarius and in the cinema he worked alongside Alberto Sordi. In 1960, Gabriella Palazzoli married John Drew Barrymore, the wedding was very short, but from their union was born Blyth, the little girl grew up, however, since the early years with Fred Bongusto. In fact, the two have not had other children. The two have lived together, peacefully, until the death of the woman occurred in the summer of 2016. The singer, despite having a career rather full, full of commitments and collaborations like the one with the friend historical Peppino di Capri, with which he created since the Seventies an artistic partnership, he lived most of his life in Sant’angelo d’ischia, inseparable from its inboard to the Shore.

The victim of a robbery

Yet, they are not missing the incidents that have upset his family life. In 1979 Bongusto was the victim of an unpleasant news: in his absence, two armed terrorists, the names of which were only discovered later that is Christian Fioravanti and Alessandro Alibrandi, is introduced in his home by pretending to be bellhops, and, after having bound, gagged and beaten his wife Gabriella Palazzoli and their housekeeper, they take away from the house, money, jewelry and gold of Bongusto, for a value of several hundreds of millions.