From Belén De Martino Mary-Kate Olsen-Sarkozy: all the separations of the 2020

It is said that summer is the season of love, that spring reawaken the souls dormant, and to foster in those who live a kind of peaceful indulgence. We would be most good, with the first warm weather. With the green and the sea. But every rule needs its exception. And in Hollywood, where everything is public, there has been no spring is more tiring than the previous one. An accomplice, perhaps, the coexistence force, to which the lockdown has forced us, different couples are falling under the weight of “irreconcilable differences”.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy have colored the Coronavirus of drama and revenge, accusations and requests to the Court of New York. The former “enfant prodige” of us cinema has asked the authorities of the Big Apple enable you to get a divorce overnight. Worth, the loss of their home, from which the now ex-husband would have tried to kick her.

Olivier Sarkozy, who for five years was married to one of the Olsen twins, they would have tried to truffarla. Of depriving them of their suffering and of their goods. He tried to throw her out of the house, to bring her to despair. And two, no, they would not have remained friends. Thing, this, what would they have done instead of Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg. The star of Dirty Dancing has announced, after nineteen years of marriage, the separation from her husband. “We love you and we will continue as a family to take care of one another”, did he know. And, between separations lightning (ask Pamela Anderson) and flashbacks without the following, such as the one between Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, discover in the gallery at the top who gave the lump-sum payment and why.