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Gerald De Palmas’ 27-year-old son: Unforeseen impact on singer

Gérald de Palmas’ New Album

Iconic face of the French music scene, Gérald de Palmas will soon be back with a new album (the 8th, ed.) due for release in November 2023. However, a little uncertainty still lingers around this new record, as the musician himself revealed in an interview with Le Parisien on Tuesday, August 29, 2023. “I don’t know which record label. It’s not signed yet, I’m hesitating. My contract with Universal is over. But the album is ready, I produced it myself, as I have done several times. And I’m working on a tour from 2024. I hope it will be long,” the singer said.

Victor de Palmas’ Prelude

Gérald de Palmas’ new album will have the particularity of containing a prelude on guitar by his son, Victor, now 27 years old. However, the latter had not initially planned to appear on his father’s next record when he went to visit him in his recording studio. “He has been playing since he was 13. Every night, when he came home from school, he would take one of my guitars for half an hour. Now he is 27 years old, and he and a friend have set up a business in the sun, in Barcelona. And he does the same thing after work, for pleasure. He spent a day in the studio and, during a break, he improvised and we recorded him without his knowledge,” Gérald de Palmas revealed.

Gérald’s Children

In addition to Victor, born in 1996, the singer is also the father of a daughter named Rose, from his union with his former partner Gwen. As a reminder, Gérald de Palmas remained married to the mother of his children for 16 long years, before finally divorcing. “With Gwen, my ex-wife, we did everything to save our couple and our family. But we tried, we did not succeed. This divorce is what I have experienced the most difficult, and it is my only regret. I did not have to make compromises because we were crazy about each other. Until it messed up. Today, I am single intermittently. If it doesn’t work, I move on, because I’m still looking for a form of absolute love,” the musician said in the columns of Paris Match in 2016. In another interview with Closer the same year, Gérald de Palmas revealed how his children had lived his notoriety during their youth. “It did not really please my son, who is rather discreet like me. During his school years, he said that I was an IT specialist. My daughter is less bothered by it,” he said.



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