Gérard Darmon Surprise: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine Stunned By Huge Reaction!


Gérard Darmon and Antoine Bertrand: A Duo to Sparkle

Partners in the movie Little Jesus, which will be released in theaters on July 12th and which tells the story of a father convinced that his son is the new Messiah, Gérard Darmon and Antoine Bertrand were the guests of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine this Wednesday on the show C à vous. And let’s just say that the Canadian actor, still little known in France but very famous on the other side of the Atlantic, was very frank with the presenter … sometimes to the point of vexing his partner. This of course made the whole team laugh, especially when “Babeth” Lemoine started to describe him: “A movie star in Quebec, and television, especially in the Children of the Tele. You also shot in the Quebec version of Caméra Café and you were the local Jean-Claude Convenant [a role held in France by Yvan Le Bolloc’h, ed.].”

Humorous Self-Derision

Feigning being offended, Gérard Darmon then reacted with humor: “It’s nice, this accent …”, he said, before his partner gave him a nice slap on the back to apologize. A situation that made the presenter laugh: “Ah the slap! Hey, you stayed stoic! “, She remarked laughing, before Antoine Bertrand explained himself:”There is an echo. Slaps have an echo. No, but he’s used to it after two months of shooting together, I’m a toucheux, a frappeux, a tateux”. An original sequence that proves Gérard Darmon’s self-derision, he who had previously made a beautiful declaration when presenting the Quebecer.

A Beautiful Duo

“Antoine is a great actor, Quebecer, from Montreal I think. He’s a star there, he’s very well known. I knew him before working with him but we had never met. Already, humanly, he resembles what he is. He has a very North American, very rigorous working method […] and at the same time, a very European curiosity “, he had explained about his partner, who defines himself as” an actor who likes to tell jokes “. A beautiful duo, in any case, which we will find in a few weeks in the cinema, in a film also starring Bruno Sanches, Caroline Anglade and Youssef Hajdi.


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