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Gérard Vives distraught: His grand castle ruined, shares photos of damage.

Gérard Vives’ New Life

For eight years, Gérard Vives has completely changed his life. The one who was revealed in the 1990s thanks to the series Les Filles d’à côté and then co-hosted Le Juste Prix with Vincent Lagaf between 2009 and 2012 has moved away from Paris to settle in Nièvre. In this department of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, he has acquired … a castle. Indeed, he has become the owner of the Château de la Vernée, built in 1875. And his Instagram account informs us that he now spends his time maintaining his domain.

The Extent of the Damage

The days to come will unfortunately demand more effort from him than usual. And for good reason, his property was hit hard by violent storms on Monday. “THE SKY FELL ON OUR HEADS … JUNE 12, 2023 … 16h38min”, he lamented on Instagram, in the caption of a series of photos revealing the extent of the damage. Gérard Vives immortalized his land ruined by the bad weather, which caused the collapse of trees, flooding, or the collapse of his ceiling. Impressive images. “Oh my poor”, “Good luck Gérard”, “Be careful”, “The weather is unleashed !!”, “Sacred storm”, “I hope you don’t have too much damage”, “Wow repairs in perspective”, commented the users, shocked.

Gérard Vives’ Alarming Statement on Climate Change

Irony of fate or not but, three days earlier, Gérard Vives dedicated a post to his alarming statement about climate change that worries him. “I feel this famous climate change. Either we suffer from mini storms or it’s drought and heat wave. In short, some varieties of trees suffer, some die standing or end up falling from weakness when the wind blows hard. For several days I have put on the lumberjack outfit”, he confided. These are real disasters for Gérard Vives who still does everything to open the doors of his castle to the public. “This property, located in a park of 17 hectares was a former work assistance center. It had large workshops in the outbuildings. Ideal for event planning. My idea was really to open it to Mr. and Mrs. Everyone, to create social links, to make others happy”, the former host explained to the Journal du Centre in 2020. He celebrates weddings there and his domain now has five stars on the mariage.net website.



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