Gims Demdem beauty: Stunned by her curves & lips.


Gims’ Professional and Private Life

Revealed to the public as part of the rap group Sexion d’assaut, which also featured Black M, Gims, who was still known as Maître Gims at the time, then successfully launched his solo career. Since then, the singer has been churning out hits, which has made him an unavoidable figure on the French music scene in recent years. If Gims’s professional life is going wonderfully so far, the same can be said for his private life. In a relationship with stylist Demdem, the singer married the woman who shares his life in 2005, when he was not yet famous. Together, the two lovebirds have created a large family, having given birth to four children. Confronted several times with rumors of polygamy, the singer has always refuted them and had openly expressed himself in the columns of the Sunday Journal in January 2022…

Gims Praises His Wife On Air

On Saturday, May 27, 2023, Gims was one of the guests of journalist Léa Salamé on the show Quelle époque !, broadcast on France 2. During his appearance on the program, the musician spoke about certain personalities chosen by the host, among which was his wife. Gims took the opportunity to shower Demdem with praise on the air. “She looks beautiful in this photo,” the singer noted, before adding: “Magnificent”. “She’s very beautiful,” the host insisted. Subjugated by his wife’s beauty, Gims was then dithyrambic. “Look at that look! Look at that mouth! Look at that nose! Look at those curves!”, He exclaimed, provoking a strong reaction from the audience present in the studio that day. The singer finally concluded by comparing his companion to the mythical Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, when he had returned a little earlier in the show on the controversy he had created with his remarks on the pyramids and electricity. Proof that he also knows how to handle self-mockery!

Gims Expresses His Support for Stromae

A little earlier during the show, Gims had been invited to talk about another famous musician with whom he had the opportunity to collaborate in the past: Stromae. Due to the health problems of the Belgian singer who was forced to cancel his tour, Gims declared: “What to say about Stromae? He’s a genius this guy. He’s a guy, he had an idea, he goes to the end of his idea. A lot of strength for him. A lot of thoughts for him right now, because I know it’s not top top. We are together my brother.”


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