Ginés & Yaiza team up for Mediaset reality show


A New Professional Project

We thought that with the next end of ‘Survivors’ the television adventure of Ginés Corregüela and Yaiza Martín would also come to an end, but we were wrong… this has only just begun! The most media couple of the Cayos Cochinos already has a new professional project within Mediaset: the “King of Sandwiches” and his girl will become, from next Wednesday June 7, the new tenants of the ‘Solos’ apartment, and we will be able to see everything they do during the 24 hours of the day on MiTele PLUS.

The Implacable Polygraph

Just a few days after the famous Tiktoker submitted to the implacable polygraph of Conchita, in a tense night in which his lies and his infidelity to Yaiza were uncovered, the couple will lock themselves in the most famous televised apartment of Mediaset.

Will They Give Free Rein to Their Passion?

Will they give free rein to their passion as they already did in Honduras? For the moment, Ginés Corregüela and Yaiza will replace Marina and Nico, from the 4th and 6th editions of ‘The Island of Temptations’ respectively.


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