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Giorgia Soleri: Relationship with Damiano Not Monogamous

Giorgia Soleri responds to breakup with Maneskin singer

Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri are over. The singer and activist have split after six years together, and he was the one to publicly announce it after a video of him kissing another girl (Martina Taglienti, a friend of the bassist Victoria De Angelis) went viral on Tiktok. Now, Giorgia has responded via social media.

Non-monogamous relationship

“I find it beautiful and enriching for oneself and for all the people who relate to us in different ways, to be able to live one’s sexuality in a free, consensual and complete way. I do not consider exclusivity a value (on the contrary, it is inclusivity), which is why the relationship between me and Damiano was, by common agreement and in a completely consensual way, non-monogamous,” she writes, distancing herself from any rumors of betrayal and friction.

Mistakes and understanding

“I realize that for some it may be difficult to understand,” she continues, “but the fact that there was any kind of interaction with other people is not the crux of the problem. It wasn’t before, for either of us, and I don’t see how it could be now. In order to protect ourselves in this delicate moment of enormous changes, I had explicitly asked for some discretion in our public lives, at least until the day when (to avoid articles on articles of assumptions and insinuations) we would communicate that we are no longer a couple, which was supposed to happen today. ” “It didn’t go that way, and the problem arises from this. But as angry, hurt and disappointed as I am, I can’t ignore our human nature, made up of attempts and mistakes. Could Damiano have avoided it? Probably yes. As I could have avoided other mistakes in the course of these six beautiful years together.” “We are human, fragile, vulnerable. We make mistakes, stumble, fall and get up again. Our relationships are infinite and complex universes, and it is impossible to judge them from the outside. I am sorry to see how for many it is incredibly easy and fast, when people under the spotlight are living it. We are not cardboard, but flesh and bones, feelings and fears. We suffer and laugh like anyone else. I just ask you to respect us as people and this love that has been very strong, intense and deep.”



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