Giorgio Armani dézingue the world of fashion and combines the advertising campaigns, provocative of rape

Giorgio Armani is out of its hinges when her fashion show Autumn / winter in Milan on Friday 21st February. Tired of hearing journalists associate with the world fashion trends, the designer would like to contribute to denounce the campaigns of pub sexist

Giorgio Armani expressed his opinions in a rare moment of anger in the midst of fashion week in Milan. The famous fashion designer surprised the assistance in scandalisant that journalists do not deal with the subjects that really matter. During the parade Autumn / winter of 2020-2021, Giorgio Armani in Milan on Friday 21 February 2020, the founder of the eponymous brand did not mince his words, relayed on Instagram by the magazine Women’s Wear Daily.” I’m tired of hearing about the trends. They are nothing. I want to improve the woman who lives today. There are all these tirades about the past that would be a trend, but I’m not agree at all. “He urged the journalists : ” Stop writing on the trends. “Instead, he advised them to write about the positive initiatives that his colleagues have put in place, referring in particular Miuccia Prada, and Alessandro Michele Gucci. “Try to get to the bottom of what drives us. Stop being obsessed with the 1990s.” The creator of 85 years, was later justified his remarks : ” I am arrived at an age where I can say what I think. “ He continued crescendo, openly criticize his peers and the way in which women were represented in the images of advertising campaigns for luxury brands.” Women are regularly ‘raped’ by the designers. I think some of the ads where women are shown in poses provocative, half-naked, and all women feel pressure to look like that. “Finally, he drops a bomb : ” It’s for me, this is rape. “

The Imperator of Milan denounced the sexism in the world of fashion

Giorgio Armani is known for its costumes tailoring impeccable. The fashion legend has contributed to the blurring of the lines between masculine style and feminine with collections of minimalist and powerful. It enhances the elegance and the timeless, to get the codes. Having fashioned his signature at the end of the war, he sees in the garment an instrument of pride and empowerment. This is why it has always combined the aesthetic to the ethical and sees the sexualization of a constant of the woman a problem. “Look around you, they think they can wear leggings and a bomber and be modern, I apologize for my burst and the strong words but I felt the need to say this. “The message is passed.