Girlfriends secret of Stefano De Martino, Belén after the hypothesis: “love is for the real people”

Are the days that run in a network, in the newspapers, on social and even on the radio a number of assumptions, however, always more insistent, about the new flirt who would be living with Stefano De Martino. After the rumors on a host larger than any year – gossip became the subject of the sketch at the Made in the South – and those who have invested the dancer Maria Rosaria Leone (the gossip was denied by both parties so desire), comes from Belén Rodriguez is the one that has all the air of being a reaction to the unbridled chatter that the private life of her ex-husband is producing. “Love is for the real people”, writes the argentine, a negative feedback that has the purpose to emphasize how impossible regardless of the sincerity in the context of a love story. Belén is never the name of Stephen, had not made even when he had decided to formalise their crisis through a video posted on Instagram.

The sketch on the flirting with the tv presenter at Made in the South

“I heard that you like the conducting too ” small”: thus, Peppe Iodice, the comedian Made in the South, has whetted Stefano De Martino during the most recent episode of the show on Rai2. A way to ride the gossip that has strongly invested in the private life of the conductor after the second separation from Belén. The marriage ended up in the dancer made from one side to the numerous other jokes that Stefano has been directed recently to the point that, in connection with Mara Venier a Sunday, De Martino felt compelled to make a clarification. “One of the women is a religion that does not profess more,” he said between amused and resigned. Then he chose the path of silence. Difficult to clarify publicly his version of the facts.

The denial of Maria Rosaria Leone

The one of Maria Rosaria Leone, a former dancer of the Made in the South, it was one of the names paired with Stefano recently. The girl, however, has denied flatly the news through his profile Instagram, writing: “I don’t understand why there is this fake news. I left the show a long time and there within nothing”. In fact, Maria Rosaria has been a part of the body of dance Made in the South four years ago, at the time that Stephen was not the conductor. The dates seem to give reason.